About Me

My name is Sjors Hooijen and I am a 29 year old UI specialist. With my computer science background and user driven mind-set I have the perfect skillset to create lovely user interfaces. I have been working professionally in software development since 2012 in the web and mobile spaces with experience across healthcare, industrial and embedded domains.

Some people call what I do User Experience Design, some call it Web design, some think I am a Front-End Developer, others see me as a UI Designer. I see what I do as a combination of all these things and ultimately don’t think it really matters which label you like to use.

What does matter is the output of my work, which is always focused at the point where user, business and technical requirements meet and tends to become a beautiful product.

When I’m not creating beautiful products, I enjoy reading online articles, helping my girlfriend with her business and riding my bike.

Sjors Hooijen
Sjors Hooijen

Sjors Hooijen

Web & App Designer
  • Age 30 Years Old
  • Phone +31 6 22 09 53 20
  • Email info@sjorshooijen.io
  • Address Vierschaar 3, Bladel


HTML5 95%
Angular 2/4 90%
Mobile development 90%
Material Design 85%
Wordpress 85%
Sketch 80%
Visual studio code 95%
Xcode 85%
InVision - Craft 85%
SVN - GIT 80%
Photoshop - Illustrator 85%
Creativity 90%
Teamworker 95%
Communication 85%
Leadership 75%
Scrum / SAFe 85%
Scrummaster 85%


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